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Today, women are seen.

The playing field has started to level: opportunities and recognition are higher than ever before.

And we’re just getting started.

Countless (wo)men have got us to where we are today. 

Changing the system, giving our generation the confidence, the power and the freedom to be our best selves.

Fashion has been intrinsically linked to re-shaping the place of women in society. It showed the world women’s confident femininity and unleashed their voices. Through style, color and shapes, their statements changed history.

From Coco Chanel to Miuccia Prada, their legacy is powerful and timeless. As are their outfits.

Women House is where we want the legacy of these (wo)men to be passed on to
the modern women they helped enable. 

We want modern women to find their inner goddess, be their most confident selves,
and ignite the next wave of change.

The founder

Lovely to meet you!

Hi, I am Silvia and it is so humbling and thrilling to bring Women House to you. This project brings together my personal life mission to elevate & support women around me and my passion for fashion & style. My belief is that elegance and beauty give any woman that extra kick of confidence to make her unstoppable. 

I am incredibly lucky to have some amazing women in my life that inspire me, support me, and help me grow every day. This work is dedicated to them.

Since I find it quite difficult to talk about myself, my dear friend Nikhita, founder of 9fables.com, has been so kind to do it for me.

“To be with Silvia is to be in the presence of beauty. Her world is reflective of her creative mind; and is one that richly integrates her passions for art, design, and especially fashion. She values quality and brings that into every aspect of her life in a thoughtful and intentional way that is meant to last.

Silvia has immersed herself in the world of fashion for a long time and has developed knowledge that runs deep to the extent of knowing the evolution of the industry, the technicalities, and has a point of view on its future. Over time she has actively built meaningful relationships and connections in the field that helped fuel her interest and establish herself as a true expert. One can see her passion seamlessly come to life day after day through the way she immaculately styles herself with elegance and expresses her opinions on the matter with credibility and authority. 

Silvia goes above and beyond and leaves no stone unturned to realize her goals, which is also visible in how she navigates her professional life. Silvia has shattered glass ceilings with her accomplishments in developing enterprise level strategies, leading teams, and coaching people. She is a visionary and has prominent experience in digital transformation. Silvia has the ability to see the world and people through a lens that brings out the best version. One of her strengths is to maximize talent and potential by creating an environment conducive to for all to excel. 

Her professional skills coupled with her personal passions are beautifully complementary and make her unstoppable. Many women in her network from different walks of life seek her out for guidance and validation. They care and want to know what she thinks about their sense of fashion and style. Silvia is already making strides. Making her expertise further accessible to more women, can unlock confidence, self-love, and power. With her dedication, intelligence and vision, it is just onwards and upwards.”


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